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Contractor Programs

Our specialized Contractor Programs offer a wide variety of plans, products, and pricing to meet your needs. Working together, we can assure you prompt delivery and quality workmanship.

As you may already know, Holcomb Cabinetry is making an effort to partner with local contractors to help create a more solid and tight knit community as well as raise public awareness for everyone involved. We are offering contractor’s our showroom as a place to bring clients and customers without having to worry about any competition from Holcomb Cabinetry at all. We are also offering incentives that will benefit the contractors to work with us and consider Holcomb Cabinetry a significant asset to their own business.

Measuring Tape

Whether it is just to stop in and check out our new 5,000 square foot showroom or to start the process of becoming a registered contractor, please feel free to reach out to Holcomb Cabinetry at any time.

Below are a few basic questions and pieces of information that we would like any contractor, if interested, to please provide. You can fill out the form below or download the form, which can be faxed to (302) 375-6427. Once this has been accomplished, we would like to have you stop in for a brief meeting to go over the specifics of the program and to familiarize you with our new showroom.

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