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Greenville Kitchen Cabinet InstallationMany homeowners with open kitchen floor plans are faced with the dilemma of having too much space and no idea what to do with it. Holcomb Cabinetry worked with a client in Greenville, DE who was dealing with this exact problem.

Upon first glance, the homeowner was pleased with the amount of space they finally had in their kitchen. Once they began to plan out appliances and cabinets, they realized they may have bitten off more than they could chew.

The added doors and modified wall openings made it a challenge to create an efficient flow to the kitchen. They then realized it was time to call the experts at Holcomb Cabinetry.

We designed a plan that gave each area its own distinct function while making it complementary to adjacent areas. We also used a two-toned color scheme of off-white and gray, which created a softer, more comfortable feel to the kitchen.

Add all of this to the new windows and glass doors pouring plenty of natural light in, and the homeowner was left with a zen-like kitchen with a beautiful view, both inside and out!

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Greenville Kitchen Cabinet Installation Photos