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Garnet Valley Custom CabinetsThis two-toned kitchen by Holcomb Cabinetry is a classic!

Solid white cabinets are covered with a simple door style. The straight lines of the doors combined with the black countertop edge profile leave a very contemporary feel, without being overstated.

Add the subway style ceramic tile backsplash, and you end up with a mid-century modern look to a brand new kitchen!

The change in backsplash pattern above the stove creates one of several points of interest.  As the eye travels from the stove, it catches the island countertop, which is cut to outline the posts. Not only is this a stunning visual, but it adds a very personal touch to the kitchen that says, “This space is truly one-of-a-kind.”

The kitchen was also broken down into separate areas of function. The proximity of the sink, stove, oven and island makes cooking as efficient as one may need. The section containing the second sink makes for a great coffee/bar/serving area. Both areas have enough room that the flow of the kitchen is never compromised, even with several people in the area at once.

Overall, this kitchen by Holcomb Cabinetry turned out to be a great success. This family will be able to enjoy this project for as long as they live in their home!

Interested in a custom kitchen of your own? Contact Holcomb Cabinetry for more information now!

Garnet Valley Custom Kitchen