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Basement Storage Shelves - North WilmingtonWith a little help from Holcomb Cabinetry, basement storage shelves can be fashionable and functional!

This basement in North Wilmington was designed and installed along with our talented friends at J.W. Tull Contracting Services. The finished product turned out very well, with plenty of unique characteristics to make it anything but your average storage solution.

The customer wanted an area in their basement to wash up in addition to increased storage in the area. As the pictures clearly reflect, there are several areas of different sizes that one could use for storage.

We love the painted cabinets and natural stain of the wooden enclosure. The colors work in perfect contrast to each other, and create a really unique look when combined with the Alaska White granite countertops. The customer specifically chose a granite with several large quartz deposits to add to the character of the space.

This was a perfect project that could not have turned out any better. The customer got everything they wanted ticked off their wish list, and we had a blast working with the team at J.W. Tull. We are very confident that this will be a space that the homeowners will enjoy for years to come!

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North Wilmington Basement Storage Shelves Photos