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The More Space The Better For This Talleyville Kitchen

By July 19, 2017July 23rd, 2017No Comments

Yes, it is possible to add more storage while maintaining a polished and stylish look! 

Kitchen Storage Space - Talleyville

That’s exactly what Holcomb Cabinetry did for this family in Talleyville. The number one feature this customer was looking for was storage. And the proof sure shows in the design!

While designing this storage heavy kitchen we made sure that each base cabinet had multiple large drawers and/or a specific function that added to the utility of the space. 

The stylish hidden spice rack next to the oven makes for a practical place to add storage with a specific purpose. A wood cabinet with glass doors was installed for easy access and ample storage space adding more character to the kitchen. 

The multi-level countertop placed in the sink-island area makes for a great place to entertain multiple guests and family members. Our use of a wooden countertop for the top level creates an interesting point of fascination and discussion.

Doors were moved and walls were removed to create an open space for better flow and movement around the entire floor and kitchen of our customer’s home. This stylish, storage oriented kitchen by Holcomb Cabinetry was ultimately a huge success!

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Talleyville Kitchen Storage Photos