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This Simple Addition Can Change Your Entire Kitchen

By August 7, 2017No Comments

It’s amazing what a few cabinets can do for a kitchen! Cabinet Storage - Northminster

Holcomb Cabinetry recently visited a home in Northminster, a neighborhood in North Wilmington. Our customers there wanted to add on to their existing kitchen. More specifically, they wanted to amp up their storage and countertop space. 

After discussing all of the options, they chose to go with our friends at Wood-Mode to ensure a perfect color match for their cabinets. 

The peninsula acts as the perfect place for friends and family to congregate. By adding cabinets into the end of the peninsula, we were able to give them easy access to extra storage. 

The pantry cabinet area doubles as a great coffee station and fits in perfectly with all of the added storage.

It’s amazing how such a simple addition, along with a bit of help from Holcomb Cabinetry, can change the ambiance, storage space, and even functionality of a kitchen entirely!

To change your entire kitchen or even just a part of it, contact Holcomb Cabinetry.

Northminster Kitchen Cabinet Storage Photos