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Claymont Kitchen RemodelLooking to transform your house into an investment property people will actually want to rent? Let Holcomb Cabinetry give your kitchen an updated look that will become the selling point for your property!

A Claymont homeowner wanted to spend a few years living in his house, working to update it room by room until it was ready to be rented out.

As you can see from the before photos, the kitchen looked very much like a standard rental property kitchen; definitely not something that would get this house rented!

The homeowner contacted Holcomb Cabinetry for help coming up with a design that was simple, affordable, and attractive enough to draw in new tenants once the time came to list the property. We were more than happy to help!

One of the biggest complaints of renters is having to deal with outdated appliances. In addition to replacing the cabinets and countertops, we also put in brand new stainless steel appliances, giving the kitchen a sleep new look.

Instead of a standard hood, we installed a microwave hood over the stovetop. This helps to save countertop space in an otherwise compact space, and it looks great, too.

We left the half-wall to maintain an open feel. Later, the homeowner wants to add a countertop overhang on the sill of the opening to create more workspace and add a seating area for guests. We’re excited to see how that will look!

The updates added instant equity to the value of the home. What seemed like a simple update actually created a gorgeous kitchen that any tenant would be thrilled to have. We’re certain the applications will come flooding in once the homeowner decides to list the property.

Contact Holcomb Cabinetry for help updating the look of your investment property.

Claymont Kitchen Remodel Photos