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Personalized Touches Makes This Garnet Valley House Feel Like Home

By September 16, 2018No Comments

Garnet Valley Home RemodelWhen the time comes to renovate, it can be worth thinking beyond a simple practical upgrade.

True, most house projects are done to fix or restore something, but why not use that opportunity to take it to the next level? By adding a personal touch to the project, you can make your home truly yours. 

This is how a family from Garnet Valley approached their kitchen remodeling project. They knew Holcomb Cabinetry could turn their vision into reality, so they called our experts for help! 

We started with the kitchen. While the dining table previously had a nice view of the patio and garden area through the bay windows, it was only accessible through the living room. The windows were replaced with sliding glass doors, allowing for immediate and seamless access between the indoors and outdoors.

To avoid running out of countertop space and eliminate clutter, a coffee and bar area was added. This created a sense of thoughtfulness to the kitchen layout that simply wasn’t there before – plus, who doesn’t love a good home bar?

Fabuwood Hallmark Frost cabinets were installed which perfectly matched the slick stainless steel appliances. Combined with the quartz countertop and herringbone kitchen backsplash in cool, contemporary colors, the kitchen looked like it came from another home all-together! 

Not to be outdone, the laundry room received an equally impressive overhaul. The same Fabuwood cabinetry used in the kitchen kept the look cohesive. The washer and dryer were lowered to make room for a countertop. All of this together with fresh-tiled flooring resulted in a glamorous laundry room that exceeded our clients’ expectations! 

To tie it all together, and adding that important personal touch, the patio was transformed into a personalized slice of heaven. Apart from the improved ease of access, the patio was color matched for a seamless indoor-outdoor transition. Nautical decor – the homeowner’s personal favorite! – adorned the chairs, tables and walls.

The homeowners couldn’t be happier with the cohesive, fresh upgrade their rooms received. Now they have a space with personalized touches, so they can truly feel at home. 

Feeling inspired to create your own personal slice of heaven? Contact Holcomb Cabinetry today to start planning your next remodel project.

Garnet Valley Home Remodel Photos