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kitchen remodel transformationThis outdated home in Claymont, Delaware struggled with blue tile and dark wooden features. Holcomb Cabinetry tackled this kitchen and bath remodel, completely transforming the atmosphere of the home.

Before beginning the kitchen and bath remodel, this Delaware home consisted of a closed floor plan. This framework combined with the dark features of the cabinetry created a gloomy feeling. To begin, our team knocked down several walls to increase the flow and movement throughout the house.

Converting to an open concept floor plan was the first step for brightening this home. Next, our team moved construction to the kitchen. The old kitchen consisted of a mixture of tiles on both the walls and the floor. In addition, the cabinetry was worn and old-fashioned.

We added hardwood floors throughout the house for a very clean look. A new patterned backsplash replaced the old blue tiles. The cupboards were updated with Mantra Cabinetry in the modern Shaker doorstyle with a Bright White finish. 

We were committed to giving this family the maximum amount of accessible areas. To increase counter space, our team included a space-saver microwave setup. The new open floor plan allowed for the addition of a kitchen island. This peninsula is an excellent area for serving and hosting guests.

With the kitchen beautifully shining, our team moved to the main bathroom. The bathroom complemented the kitchen with the same cabinets in a Stone Grey finish. However, the color is not even the most unique feature of this transformation.

Vessel sinks give an extra element to any classic bathroom. Our team removed the family’s simple single sink to install two vessel sinks. This provides the bathroom with an elegant component. Finally, we finished the bathroom by changing the basic overlay doors to sleek inset doors.

Ultimately, our team at Holcomb Cabinetry was able to convert a dated structure into a modern family home. We brightened the atmosphere to provide a welcoming appeal with these kitchen and bath remodels.

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Ashbourne Hills – Claymont, Delaware Kitchen and Bath Remodel