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Boxler KitchenThe kitchen is always a highlight of any home. Families spend hours in this room both preparing meals and socializing. In order to use every square inch of their kitchen for entertaining, this Kennett Square home underwent a gorgeous kitchen renovation. The end results are increased efficiency and functionality of the space.

To begin the remodel, our team installed traditional cabinet door styles. We choose to include a modern color scheme with a combination of white cabinet faces and beige walls. These bright colors create a soft, welcoming feel to the new kitchen.

In addition, the family desired more available counter space. To accomplish this request, our team built-in all the stainless-steel appliances, making the walls more useful. For example, the updated warming drawer and microwave act as a second oven, perfect for large gatherings and holidays. The stainless-steel appliances complement the white cabinetry and add a grandiose look to the kitchen.

The wall containing both the cabinets and appliances is a staple of this newly renovated kitchen. However, our team wanted to continue the design to the rest of the room. Thus, we selected a beautiful granite countertop to complete the task. The unique surface of the granite countertop ties together the finish of the appliances with the white of the cabinets.

These new kitchen renovations gave this Kennett Square family more storage and counter space. To complete the project, our team at Holcomb Cabinetry wanted to maximize the amount of storage given the free space in the home.

We updated a polished hutch with matching cabinets and granite for more storage. We added a “bump-out” to the middle of the hutch design to give dimension and character to the additional space. Lastly, the glass door enhancement provided an extra bonus of elegance to the hutch.

With these kitchen renovations, the family now has the perfect amount of counter and storage space. We were happy to give this Kennett Square family the kitchen they desired.

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