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The new year is the perfect time to refresh your home decor and make it feel cozy for the upcoming months! January decor can be tricky with finding inspiration since it’s often cold and dreary outside.

January doesn’t need to be drab! With just a few simple ideas, you can make your living space look amazing and inviting. Our team of experts at Holcomb Cabinetry has compiled five awesome styling tips for the month that will give your place an extra bit of cheer during wintertime. If you’re looking to redesign your space in 2023, our team can help! Contact the experts at Holcomb Cabinetry today to get started.

Tip #1: Declutter

Jump-start your 2023! Get a fresh start by organizing and tidying up – sort through kitchen cupboards, switch things around in the living room, donate long forgotten knickknacks.

Having an uncluttered space will give you that feeling of clarity and peace to propel you into this new year with full momentum!


Tip #2: Use Neutral & Nature Elements 

Add a touch of hardy nature to your space with bare branches, birch wood accents and fragrant cedar. Incorporate these elements for an outdoors-inspired atmosphere that’s cozy and inviting – the perfect way to infuse winter vibes into any room!

Tip #3: Keep it Cozy

Transform your living space into an inviting atmosphere of winter coziness; try adding blankets, candles, and cozy lighting for a warm and comforting ambiance.

And don’t forget about the finishing touch–a chic shag rug to make your home look even snugglier! Make sure you create that perfect hygge feeling this season so all of your visitors feel welcome in style.


Tip #4: Get Rid of the Red, Keep the Green

When the jingle bells fade away and we bid farewell to merry old Saint Nick, take advantage of this fresh season by sprucing up your space with some green tones!

Swap out those holiday-hued decorations for something more natural – an easy way to do that is repurposing last year’s wreaths and garland. Get creative; it’ll make a world of difference in no time.


Tip #5: Highlight Winter Elements

Get creative with your winter vibes, we recommend creating a tablescape full of winter elements.

Rustle up some fun accents like pinecones, layer cozy fabrics together for textured contrast, then top it off with calming whites and greens to complete the perfect tablescape.



January does not have to be the coldest, dreariest month of the year! With a few easy tips and tricks, you can make your home feel cozy, fresh, and inviting. We hope you enjoyed reading about our 5 favorite ways to style your winter living space. Keep up with our blog to hear more about, seasonal recipes, decorating ideas, and more!