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Pantone’s Color of the Year is Viva Magenta, a bright pink that adds a pop of color to any space. It’s a gorgeous color to infuse in any space. Check out a few ideas below for inspiration!

#1: Pairing with Neutrals

Achieve a harmonious and balanced design by pairing this fun color with neutral tones. Light-colored walls, countertops, or flooring provide a backdrop that allows the vibrant magenta accents to shine without overwhelming the space. The result is a strikingly perfect blend of boldness and elegance.

#2: Nature-Inspired Touches

Take inspiration from nature and incorporate the color into elements such as plants, flowers, or botanical prints. Combine the captivating hue with greenery or floral arrangements to create a harmonious and refreshing ambiance that breathes life into your home.

#3: Bold Accent Cabinetry

Make a bold statement by incorporating “Viva Magenta” as an accent color in your cabinetry. Whether it’s a kitchen island, bathroom vanity, or office storage unit, this rich and vibrant shade will create an eye-catching focal point, infusing your space with personality and glamour.

Let Holcomb Cabinetry bring this captivating color to life and make your space pop. Contact us today to learn more about our services and transform your cabinetry with “Viva Magenta”.

#4: An Accent Walls That Wows

 Transform any room with an accent wall painted in this magenta, bright color. Let its vibrant allure take center stage, creating a focal point that instantly grabs attention and injects energy into your space.


#5: Captivating Artwork and Accessories

Add a splash of the Color of the Year through captivating artwork and accessories. Hang vibrant paintings or prints that showcase this hue, or incorporate decorative elements such as vases, rugs, or curtains to create visual interest and a cohesive design.

There are endless ways to incorporate the 2023 Color of the Year into your home décor. By embracing the Viva Magenta color palette, you can create a vibrant ambiance that reflects the latest trends while infusing your space with contemporary elegance.

Contact Holcomb Cabinetry today if you’re interested in giving your cabinetry a new look!