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Summer is the perfect time to infuse your home with a fresh and vibrant ambiance. From painting your front door to incorporating sunshine shades, there are endless opportunities to update your home this season! Check out these 5 summer decor ideas that will help you transform your space into a serene oasis of relaxation and style. 

1. Invite New Colors In By Painting Your Front Door

The front door sets the tone for your entire home, so why not give it a summer makeover? Embrace vibrant and inviting colors like coral, turquoise, or a sunny yellow.

These shades will instantly breathe life into your exterior, creating a warm and cheerful welcome for your guests. It’s the perfect way to set a welcoming tone every time someone visits your home!

2. Embody Summer Scents: Ocean Breeze & Cucumber Melon

Fill your home with refreshing aromas like ocean breeze or invigorating cucumber melon. Place scented candles or reed diffusers strategically in your living areas to create an atmosphere reminiscent of a coastal escape.

Not only will your home look summery, but it will also smell like a blissful retreat. 


3. Go Nautical: Incorporating Navy Blue and White

Bring the calming essence of the seaside into your home by embracing a nautical theme. You can do this by incorporating navy blue and crisp white hues throughout your space or opting for striped patterns on pillows, curtains, or even rugs.

These classic maritime colors will transport you to the beach, evoking a sense of relaxation and tranquility. 

4. Create a Relaxing Outdoor Retreat: Embrace the Beauty of Nature

Transform your outdoor space into a peaceful oasis. Set up cozy seating, add plants, hang string lights, and incorporate water features for a soothing atmosphere. Enjoy the beauty of nature and relax in your own outdoor haven.

5. Embrace Minimalist Summer Decor

With minimalist decor, you can achieve a serene and inviting atmosphere that allows you to fully appreciate the beauty of the season.

You can easily get started by focusing on creating an uncluttered aesthetic. Keep surfaces clear and free from excessive accessories. Embrace natural light by using sheer curtains or opting for open window treatments. Incorporate a few carefully chosen statement pieces or artworks that reflect the essence of summer.


Summer is a great time to let your creativity soar with home decor. There are ample opportunities to experiment with colors, textures, and themes, and you can have fun infusing your personal touch into your space. Embrace the season’s energy and allow your home to become a sanctuary that reflects your unique style and provides a haven of relaxation and comfort.

If part of your plan this summer includes adding custom cabinetry to your space, our team can help you identify which designs would best suit your needs and preferences. Contact Holcomb Cabinetry today to get started!