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The modern farmhouse kitchen has become increasingly popular over the past few years. These kitchens blend rustic and modern elements for a look that complements almost any style. If you’re looking for some inspiration to make your kitchen the perfect spot for a warm and homey welcome, you’ll want to consider some adding some design elements of a farmhouse kitchen.

The farmhouse kitchen style evolved from authentic farmhouses, originally built in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries. These homes were built with natural materials that were readily available, such as wood and stone. The kitchen was a designated space for cooking, cleaning, and accommodating families.

Over time, they morphed to accommodate decorations and personal style. We still see the use of natural wood and open layouts to accommodate large amounts of cooking and seating for guests. There are endless options of modern and rustic architecture from the cabinetry to the lighting.

Holcomb Cabinetry loves the cozy look of farmhouse style and we’ve found it to be the perfect design for many families in the Delaware area. Here are 6 of our favorite elements from projects to use as inspiration:

1. White Cabinets

Many farmhouse kitchens feature white cabinets. This project from Elkton features Wood-Mood (Brookehaven) cabinets in the Colony Beaded door style. The vertical line details in the wood add depth to the entire room. 

2. Light Countertops

A white on white color scheme has always been extremely popular and it allows other pieces in the room to make a statement. In combination with white cabinets, many modern farmhouse kitchens opt for a light-colored countertop. One of our favorite styles is a white quartz countertop with natural gray deposits threading throughout from a project in Hockessin. No matter the color, these natural stone counters are sure to bring beauty and elegance into the home.

3. Farmhouse Sink

Just like the farmhouse kitchen, the farmhouse sink has evolved over the years into the sink it is today. Before the 19th century, sinks held water that was hauled from nearby bodies of water and needed a large amount of room to wash, dishes, clothes, and boil water. Today, they remain a roomy option for stacking dishes and filling pots.

A white porcelain sink in an apron style is one of the most common options for a farmhouse kitchen. If you’re interested in other options, try a stainless steel sink. Since all farmhouse sinks have the side of the sink exposed on the front of the counter, the shine from the stainless steel can is sure to catch the eye and help to break up a mainly white kitchen.

4. Unique Lighting

Unique lighting isn’t an exclusive feature of farmhouse kitchens, but it adds a very nice and interesting and visual twist to the room. Pendant lighting has been a very popular choice for a lot of farmhouse kitchen owners. One of our favorites are these delicate pendant lights over a North Wilmington home’s kitchen island. 

5. Subway Style Tiles

One of the most versatile tile setups are subway tiles and they fit perfectly into the farmhouse kitchen space. These offset rectangular tiles pay homage to New York City subway walls. They give a fresh, modern feel. The tiles and sink below are featured in our Claymont showroom.


6. Pops of Color

A pop of color is an easy way to add some personality to a space. Without being too bold and still fitting the farmhouse kitchen theme, titled blue backsplash to helps to break up the white tiles.

Another option to add color is two-toned cabinetry. These homeowners decided to go with white and gray cabinets to add more visual interest to the large open space.

These are countless other elements that can be incorporated into a farmhouse kitchen to make it your own. These charming and aesthetically pleasing spaces have a timeless look that won’t be out of style anytime soon. 

Ready to make a farmhouse kitchen part of your home? Contact Holcomb Cabinetry for a free consultation.